Gain Insight from Big Data on Amazon Web Services

Why Choose AWS for Big Data?

Trusted and Secure

Designed with a security-in-layers approach. Capable of complying with more than 20 regulations.

Immediately Available

No hardware procurement or deployment. Easily transfer your data. Training and tutorials available

Broad and Deep Capabilities

Compatible with 6 relational DB engines and NoSQL. Support any workload, regardless of scale

Big Data

Turn your organization’s data into valuable information with Amazon Web Services. You can transform archived, current, or future application data into an asset to help your business. AWS provides Big Data tools that let your teams be more productive, so it’s easier to try new things, and roll out projects sooner.

Big Data tooling provided by AWS

Big Data Repositories

AWS allows you to securely store your data in its original form without the need to enforce a predefined schema.

Clickstream Analysis

Clickstream and weblog analysis tools from AWS let you analyze your web traffic. Improve your visitors’ digital experiences without spending capital upfront on hardware.

Machine Learning

Build apps that get smarter over time. Visualization tools and wizards from AWS guide you through the process of creating machine learning models without having to learn complex algorithms and technology.

Online Ad Serving

Deliver your ad content on the reliable, highly-scalable, and globally available infrastructure provided by the AWS Cloud.

Operational Efficiencies

Shift from legacy systems to modern Big Data technologies to drive insights that allow you to be more efficient.


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